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If managing your career feels anything short of motivating, you’re doing it all wrong.

That’s not your fault though. Since I dunno forever, we’ve accepted that “the job search is a job in itself” (…about that).

We also know that doing a job we don’t love, like or really understand means we probably won’t do it well.

That sucks out loud because those of us who’d rather own our career story in a way that’s inspiring, simple and totally effective usually hit brick walls.

Navigating job search and really getting after our careers takes marketing and self-promotion, which causes most professionals stress just thinking about it.

Impactfulresumes.com was born to ensure your next career move is on purpose, dripping in passion.

Our way. The UN-boring way.

Unlike most of the career search services available to professionals, our focus is your professional brand.

The term “brand” has become a total buzzword business term. Still, it’s completely vital. Your professional brand is the impression left behind when you leave the room. We believe that no one is you and that’s your power. We believe in your authenticity as much as your skill set.

Through our content, Completely Boss consulting services, courses, eBooks and flagship resume & cover letter services we work our asses off to ensure your job search and career management is bad-ass and Impactful.

We don’t believe in yawn inducing anything, except Zzzquil.

Because when you own your story and make moves like the boss you are, you’ll land a career you love.

You deserve that…and more.


Mys Palmer


Mys (rhymes with bliss) is a brand consultant, writer and founder of Branded Voice Communication Agency. She helps corporate professionals and entrepreneurs across industries express themselves and connect with their people. Her expertise is in developing brand voice and personality ensuring clients maximize their impact on the world, all while earning success from doing what they love.

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