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You already know about LinkedIn and heard a story or two about the amazing dream jobs being landed and game changing networking available.

Truthfully though, you think it’s a social network for corporate professionals.

LinkedIn IS a profitable marketing tool! Done justice, it’s a marketing tool that’ll make you look brilliant.

Here’s what you get:

  1. A 15-30-minute phone consult with Mys to discuss your plans and how we need to position you to attract the right people.
  2. An un-boring, meaningful and optimized headline
  3. A dope LinkedIn summary that spells out who you are, and why the world should care.
  4. Revised profile content and structure, geared directly toward your target audience
  5. SEO optimization, a vanity URL, and tips on how to best use LinkedIn for career networking, and how to promote your page and your awesome-sauceness via LinkedIn
  6. Turnaround time of 2-4 business days

Employers, or potential clients will search for you online. LinkedIn is the search tool of choice for somewhere around 92% of them. You cannot afford to miss out on that opportunity.

‘Specially when you are actively looking for a new job. Even if you’re happy where you are but are open (always be open) to new opportunities, your profile needs to be ready.

Looking at your current profile, does it drive a hiring manager to call you?

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Most recruiters search a candidates LinkedIn to make interview decisions. Does your profile make the cut? Let your writer adapt your professional story to make your social profile work for you.


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What our customers think of us:

I LOVE my resume package. Mys delivered my resume Friday 10/23/2015 AND my LinkedIn profile is already generating more connections. I have had 2 email responses to my resume and the thank you letter is such a nice touch. I can’t wait to tell you I’m HIRED!

Jan Holcomb-VP Marketing

Thank you for my LinkedIn Plus Package. My consultation with Mys and my resume by Kari were enlightening. The consultation forced me to look at my brand and what I really want from a company. My resume now focuses on the results my 20 years of experience has gotten my employers.

I’ve used other resume writers and this resume, this experience, has been a game changer. Thank you Impactful Resumes. I’m happy to refer your services to anyone.

Gregory James-IT Professional

You know it’s all about that base..ahem keywords. It’s all about target keywords!

Yes, it is all about target keywords with LinkedIn searches. Your LinkedIn profile can only be found if the right words are in it. It all comes back to words, words are the thing, you know?

Target keywords are so important in fact that you can get the everything else right and have the traction of semi-bald tires in a New England snowstorm. The perfect job can’t find you if you’re nowhere to be found. Hiring manager use LinkedIn like you use Google, they type in the keywords relevant to the position they need filled. Are you showing up  in LinkedIn search results for your dream job?

If not you’re simply leaving your opportunities for the job seeker who had their social profile ready to

Please the eyes

Your Linkedin profile picture is mucho importante. It should be a professional picture. Which doesn’t require the photographer and/or glam squad the phrase can inspire.

This is the visual representation of your story and professional brand. Plus a picture is worth a thousand yada yadas so put your best self forward.

Do NOT post a selfie of you and your spouse in Tahiti last year.

Do NOT post a group picture of you out-and-about with your besties.

Linkedin is a professional social network, be professional. Your job search (and all recruiters), thank you.

Up-to-date, like your tags

It’s easy to think you don’t have anything “new” to say. I are ya to think outside of recent positions and focus on new skills. Acquired learning, diplomas or courses. Everything you have accomplished matters. Big time.

Your Linkedin profile, like any other social network, is about relevancy. You should make a habit of checking your LinkedIn profile every month. Adding in your new skills as you acquire them. Also, use this opportunity to remove any outdated tech and software. The times change and it’s important that you demonstrate your capacity to change with it.

Tell your story

Ah, the summary. No, the searchable summary. Remember those target keywords I was huffing-and puffing about? Telling your story of accomplishments and growth needs to also be searchable. If a recruiter isn’t searching for it, it has no place in your summary. Or your social profile.

Linda,listen: your social profile is a living breathing extension of your career history. Make the time if it’s a chore because trust me, earning interviews is well worth a monthly update or two!