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Get the Salary your work deserves at the Impactful Masterclass!







What is the Impactful Masterclass?

A gathering of professionals who get trained on creating their dream careers, working at their highest contribution aAnd getting paid what they want!


“Your salary will rarely exceed your personal development. If you want to get more from your career, invest time and money into you, first.”

– Mys Palmer

Author, Speaker + Creator of The Impactful Masterclass


natalie fikes

#1 Best-Selling Author
founder of Code Next Generation


Business Abolitionist, MBA
 Founder of Hustle University
Congressional Award-winning educator

Mys Palmer

Author of Crack The Code
Brand Voice Expert
CEO of Impactful Resumes


more experts to be listed soon!

“I LOVE my resume package. Mys delivered my resume Friday 10/23/2015 AND my LinkedIn profile is already generating 50x more page views! I have had 2 new interviews scheduled from my new resume, and the thank you letter is such a nice touch.

Then something amazing happened, two recruiters found me. I was able to leverage them against one another and used my new open and fully accepted mindset to choose the best fit (hint: it was the one with $5k less in e offer but a 100% fit for me). I’m HIRED!” – Jan Henderson-Marketing VP

“Thank you for my LinkedIn Plus Package. My consultation with Mys and my resume by Kari were enlightening. The consultation forced me to look at my brand and what I really want from a company. My resume now focuses on the results my 20 years of experience has gotten my employers.

I’ve used other resume writers and this resume, this experience, has been a game changer. Thank you Impactful Resumes. I’m happy to refer your services to ANYONE. And I have.” – G. Jamisin IT Professional

“LISTEN UP! Mys has two particular gifts that make her the only brand expert I go to whenever I launch something. She can uncover what I truly mean and how I truly feel without forcing me to say it like she would (or how my competition has)!

Then she crafts these feelings and desires into words that make up content that my audience loves and that sounds like something I would say.  My follow -up communication isn’t lost or fake or less than. Damn wizard she is. Communication guides how your brand is seen. And she is the only person I’ve trusted with mine for 8 years.” –K. Pachiano

“Mys’s, consulting is both training and entertainment and the best hour I have spent this week!”

More than a coach she really cares about who I want to become. Not just about who I am right now.”

masterclass highlights

LIVE step-by-step training on getting another $10k or more on your next offer.

Learn to make money from your work experience and grow your platform…while employed.

Find your reasons for wanting wealth and freedom and learn to connect to the companies who will honor YOU.

Registrations are transferrable, but non-refundable.

Registrations are transferrable, but non-refundable.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

It’s your time.

If you know you were put here to go BIG, be BETTER and accomplish the hell out your dream’s DREAMS, then The Impactful MasterClass is the event you need to make better happen, fast.

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