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I LOVE my resume package. Mys delivered my resume Friday 10/23/2015 AND my LinkedIn profile is already generating more connections. I have had 2 email responses to my resume and the thank you letter is such a nice touch. I can’t wait to tell you I’m HIRED!

Jan Holcomb-VP Marketing

Thank you for my LinkedIn Plus Package. My consultation with Mys and my resume by Kari were enlightening. The consultation forced me to look at my brand and what I really want from a company. My resume now focuses on the results my 20 years of experience has gotten my employers.

I’ve used other resume writers and this resume, this experience, has been a game changer. Thank you Impactful Resumes. I’m happy to refer your services to anyone.

Gregory James-IT Professional


In any executive level job search there are a few strategies to consider. Whether you have utilized headhunters throughout your career, haven’t looked for a job in a decade, or utilized your connections and industry loyalty to get to the next level-there are some absolutes when taking on a new job search.

When you make the decision to take your career to the next level, you may want to ensure you include these steps in your strategy:


Focus your focus

Being in the game as long as you have your experience and industry loyalty should speak for itself, right? Not exactly. A huge step, and the first in my professional opinion, is to focus your foucus. Make it clear to anyone reading what your next goal is. Where and why you do you want you next experience? How should the environment be?

This focus can be the laser sharp edge for a recruiter bait resume and cover letter. Don’t try to cover every position you ever played. It doesn’t show a hiring manager versatility as much as convolution. Be clear, get focused..

Current News

If you’re like me, of the 3 social media styles you are a type B social media professional. You have your private life and your professional life and online, never the twain shall meet. That’s a brilliant strategy for any executive. The question though, are your newsfeeds current?

Have you established a professional online presence? This means having updated profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook when you are starting a new executive level job search. Hiring managers look at the online-you first. Plus, you are branding yourself, showcasing your unique value proposition and not to mention connecting with professionals in your industry.


Take your time…No, Make time

The higher up the career chain, the scarcer the openings. It’s simply that at your level your skills are valued and coveted and no company makes this decision lightly (or often). So, adhere to the rule “finding a job, is your job”.
With today’s job search tools it doesn’t have to be life consuming BUT you will have to make the time and commit to finding your next opportunity. It takes frequency and consistency, but then again you lead by this example so this should be an easy one.


Target Companies

If you are focusing on open positions you are wasting 70-80% of your time. Only about 30% of available jobs are posted as openings. And only 15% are at the executive level. If  a staggering 85% of jobs are never posted, this hidden job market should absolutely be where your efforts should be focused.

Instead applying for jobs (which results in being hired 2%-4% of the time), target your ideal companies instead. And it ain’t hard to do. Make a list of companies you’re interested in and search them on Facebook and LinkedIn. Then make connections, comment on and share content with the leaders of the organization.


Work your network

Speaking of networking, don’t neglect the connections you’ve developed. With your level of experience you have made invaluable relationships. If they knew you were ready for the next challenge in your career, they could be instrumental in linking you to the very resource you need. Work within your network.


Update and personalize your Resume and Cover Letter

Now is always the time to have an updated resume and cover letter. You likely haven’t needed to in a while but updating your resume with your most recent job titles and experience is very necessary. It’s more than a sum of duties and dates. And if the format isn’t correct kiss most interviews goodbye. Personalize every cover letter and update your resume.


No assumptions, always be learning

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to never assume your old ways work today. The job search strategy has drastically changed. And at the executive level it’s all about engaging industry professionals. Social media can help uncover the hidden job market and a great resume will undoubtedly earn interviews. A consultation with a career consultant can provide you with an executive job search strategy, tips to network your contacts and leaders from prospective employers, focus your resume and create new perspectives to get you over the hump and into your next career.